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Fondazione Filarete for Startups

One of the aims of Fondazione Filarete is to help the birth and growth of innovative companies in the Life Science and Health, whether they are university spin-offs or start-ups. For these companies the Fondazione Filarete provides not only space and facility technology but also the services necessary for the proper development of a technology startup, to identify business opportunities, for the development of business plans, for partner search whether they are technological, commercial or financial, in order to accelerate as much as possible the development process and the access to the market.

To enable the startup in the fields of the Life Science and Health to be known and to get in touch with industry experts and investors, the Foundation has created Fondazione Filarete Healthy Startups. The foundation is also launching a program of Soft Incubation to give companies that are not based on Milan or in Italy a workstation in a low cost environment for networking and business development.

Fondazione Filarete is also partner of several initiatives of scouting and training for technology startups such as: Start Cup Milano Lombardia - National Prize for Innovation, Intesa Start Up Initiative - Bio in Italy, Global Social Venture Competition.

Filarete Healthy Startups