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Fondazione Filarete for Research

The effective translation of fundamental research into real products and business opportunities to address societal needs, requires the integration of different knowledge, backgrounds and practices. The mission of the Filarete Foundation is to join high quality scientific teams, state-of-the-art research facilities, management and financial support to generate and to spread innovation in biotechnology.

In order to leverage the unique intellectual and financial resources present in Lombardy, the University of Milan, Cariplo Foundation, Intesa Sanpaolo and the Chamber of Commerce of Milan have joined to establish the Filarete Foundation with the mission of creating, hosting and nurturing high-tech entrepreneurial initiatives in the field of biotechnology and medicine. Filarete Foundation manages a Business Accelerator Infrastructure strategically located in the southern part of Milan in proximity and close connection with Universities, Medical Schools, public and private Research Institutions worldwide recognized as leaders in biotechnological and medical research.

Filarete Foundation hosts and supports a mix cross-cutting enabling technological platforms and companies providing scientific, technological, financial and management support services. Through this synergy Filarete Foundation evaluates, assists and accelerates new entrepreneurial initiatives in the field of biotechnology, medicine, advanced materials.

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