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Women and Technologies

The 8th of November will take place the conference "Women & Technologies 2010 ". The events will offer a vision of the relationship between women and technology as a tool to identify and enhance the female talent in the areas of research, technological development and innovation.

The Conference will be hosted by the National Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci.

The 2010 edition of the Conference will have as its focus the research and innovation in the health sector, hence the title. Health explored in the fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology. A further level of detail will be dedicated during the conference, specific areas such as emergency medicine, neuroscience, aerospace, regenerative medicine, integrated medicine (traditional and alternative). Another important node that you will touch is the science journalism: the difficult task of those who, through different media, making accessible and understandable to the complex scientific issues related to health.

An integral part of the conference is the International Prize "Women & Technology®". The award will be to women who, through their work in research, government or enterprise, were able to "invent the Future .

Professors Milani, Maggi and Matteoli will partecipate as invited speakers at the conference .