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Human Stem Cells

The Stem Cell Platform aims at developing a unique know-how for the culture of human stem-cells and to reach a top-tier position on the world-wide market for full scale production of clinical-grade human stem cells. The Facility has experience in growing a range of different human cell lines and has a track record of different patents in culturing stem cells on both serum-based and serum-free media. To access cutting edge technologies, the Stem Cell Facility relies on a large network of highly interactive collaborations with academic centers of excellence in the stem cell field.

R&D activities will focus on the following areas:

  • identification of factors facilitating the growth of Human Stem Cells (in particular muscle stem cells, neural stem cells, cancer stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells);
  • setting and production of enriched human stem cell cultures for use in drug discovery activities;
  • integration of biocompatible polymers and nanostructured substrates with stem cells for their proliferation in tissue engineering applications;
  • development of new methods for the delivery of stem cells for the treatment of neurodegenerative and neuromuscular disorders.

The Platform will initially focus on potential myogenic and cancer stem cells, developing protocols for cell amplification and production ready to be shifted to a GLP/GMP environment for clinical applications.

The Cell Culture Facility will be also able to provide the following services to third parties:

  • technical advice and service for culturing a range of cell types;
  • frozen stocks of cells;
  • media production for stem cell proliferation;
  • training in cell culture techniques including cell transfection.


Yvan Torrente

Associate Professor of Neurology,
Faculty of Medicine
University of Milano

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