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Polymer Therapeutics describes the families of compounds, devices and technologies which use polymers to design new effective tools for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of major diseases. To design effective polymer therapeutics it is necessary to understand the mechanism of polymer interaction with the whole organism and the cell. Polymer Therapeutics is therefore an interdisciplinary field combining leading edge polymer chemistry with pharmaceutics, biology, biotechnology and medicine.
The role of the platform is to design new bioactive and biocompatible polymer architectures providing innovative solutions for different biotechnological sectors, including targeted drug delivery, tissue engineering, biosensors, cellular testing. The platform will provide expertise and facilities for polymer synthesis and characterisation, biological evaluations of polymer materials, polymer/drug formulations. A relevant aspect of Polymer Therapeutics is to represent a transversal technological platform supporting the R&D activity of most concurrent platforms.


Paolo Milani

Full Professor,
Department of Physics,
Università degli Studi di Milano