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The role of this platform is to exploit the potential underlying the integration of biocompatible nanomaterials on microsystems. The platform will provide the facilities and the expertise for the fabrication of devices aimed at the culture, manipulation and imaging of single cells and cell populations. The multifunctional capabilities of microdevices will be provided by the integration of several features and functions such as: surfaces with tailored nano- and microstructure to control cell attachment, growth, proliferation and phenotype; high-precision localization of single cells; handling and dispensing of nutrients and chemical stimuli in the liquid phase; displacement and handling of single cells and integration of in situ analytical tools including electronic and optical ones.
The platform will also support activities relevant for drug development such as fabrication of micro and nanosystems for protein, cell, tissue arrays and the synthesis of nanocarriers for drug delivery and imaging. Micro- and nanoabrication facilities will be available for the production of substrates and devices for cell culturing and manipulation, protein, cell and tissue microarrays as tools for molecule and compound tests as well as for drug delivery.
The platform will manage and operate state-of-the art technologies and facilities for the characterization of the cell-substrate physical and biochemical interactions with particular emphasis on scanning probe microscopies. It will provide access and stable connections with external large scale microfabrication facilities and characterization infrastructures through the sharing of common technologies, personnel and projects.

R&D activities and technological services

  • design and production of nanostructured substrates, arrays and microsystems for cell-on-chip devices for drug testing and characterization
  • drug delivery: design and production of nanostructured platforms for cell therapy.
  • drug delivery, by providing a model system where the activity of the drug on target can be studied in real time

Technological services offered

  • micro and nanofabrication lab equipped with cluster beam deposition systems (proprietary technology) for the production of nanostructured films and patterns, sputtering and e-beam deposition apparatus, lithography based chemical milling, mechanical micromilling, micro injection moulding, hot embossing, e-beam lithography, lift-off lithography;
  • characterization lab dedicated to the standard optical spectrophotometric characterization and electrical characterization and equipped with Atomic Force microscopy, Thin Film Profilometry, Scanning electron microscope (supporting the e-beam lithography unit and EDX).



Cristina Lenardi

Researcher, Molecular Science Applied to Biosystems Department
Pharmacy Faculty, Università degli Studi di Milano.

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