Neurons and environmental stimulus
A new process regulating the development of neurons in response to environmental stimuli was discovered by a research team at the Faculty of Medicine
Yvan Torrente wins the SAPIO prize
Yvan Torrente, responsible of the StemCell Platform in Filarete, wins this year the SAPIO prize
February seminars Fondazione Filarete
February seminars Fondazione Filarete V.le Ortles 22/4, Milano
New venture start-up in Italy
Why do university researchers decide to start-up a new venture in Italy? This is one of the questions a group of researchers try to answer with their study, published on the Journal of Technology Transfer
Cosmetics Testing without Animals
Researchers at Hurel Corporation have reached a major milestone in their quest to create a chip to replace skin allergy testing on animals
MEMSCAP and CARMAT cooperate for a new bionic heart
MEMSCAP e CAMAT announced a partnership in the frame of development and industrialization of the 1st fully implantable artificial heart
Dolomite Announces Exceptional Growth in 2009
Dolomite,a world leader in microfluidic design,Announces Exceptional Growth in 2009,doubling its year on year turnover,with a significant improvement in profitability