The beating heart of Fondazione Filarete are 9 technology platforms supported and managed by cutting-edge research groups of the University of Milano. By assembling in a tightly interconnected network of complementary expertises, the technological platforms will provide the medium where different scientific skills can be concentrated and combined to promote a dynamic, creative and constructive environment for the translation of basic research into innovation, start-ups and products for biotechnology, biomedical research, diagnostics, candidate drugs and innovative therapies.

The platforms will act as service facilities to develop, test and assess the feasibility of technological solutions under the management of a scientific team which will guarantee synergies with world-class academic research programs, fostering collaboration and strategic alliances with resident companies, start-ups, commercial tenants and financial ventures.

The platforms will integrate genomics, proteomics, cellular and animal models, imaging with nano- and microtechnology to provide the hosts of the business accelerator with methodologies highly diversified but all applicable to the different phases of drug discovery and drug development.

The different platforms will cooperate and interact to form a unique interdisciplinary and integrated technological core. The activities of the platforms are conducted and supervised by a Platform Board composed by senior scientists in charge of the platform and responsible for: the quality of research and the efficiency of the Technological Platforms; the promotion of applied research initiatives; the generation of collaborative networks; the attraction of research projects of potential applicative interest.

The activity of the platforms and their effectiveness in supporting technology development and transfer will be regularly monitored and supervised by a Scientific Board chaired by the Scientific Director of the Filarete Foundation and composed by experts coming from academia, industry and international institutions.