Fondazione Filarete is one year old. It is an important achievement and we are sure the first of a long series. We would like to thank all of those that made this possible:
the Founders and the Co-Founders, the researchers, the staff and all external collaborators. Thank you all for your support!
Neurons and environmental stimulus
A new process regulating the development of neurons in response to environmental stimuli was discovered by a research team at the Faculty of Medicine
Cosmetics Testing without Animals
Researchers at Hurel Corporation have reached a major milestone in their quest to create a chip to replace skin allergy testing on animals
The role of the platform is to design new nano-structured, bioactive and biocompatible polymer architectures providing innovative solutions for targeted drug delivery, tissue engineering, biosensors, cellular testing. The platform provides expertise and facilities for polymer synthesis and characterisation, to create polymer/drug formulations, DNA-polymer complexes and novel hydrogels....