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Dianax - Startup Innovativa

Dianax is a start-up with a focus on development of lab-on-chip for protein detection. Dianax patent pending technology allows flexible and robust chips to be realized. They can be incorporated in cartridges with standard interfaces like USB or Firewire. Such cartridges can be interfaced with devices like smartphones and tablets for in-field assays starting from native samples, like full blood or urine.

In the medical field, a large number of biomarkers are proteins, like PSA and CA125 in oncology and Troponin I/T in infarction and other cardiovascular diseases. The availability of a system for in field assays allows both biomarkers detection in emergencies, like after an infarction, and the monitoring and personalization of important therapies like chemotherapy. The Dianax chip has possible applications in other fields too, like environmental analysis, biological research, drug discovery and veterinary. 

Do Solidale - Startup Innovativa

Do Solidale SRL is company founded in 2013 with the aim of developing and commercializing innovative products and services with high technological value to increase fundraising for nonprofit organizations.

With the goal to make the donation an informed and enjoyable act for as many people as possible, Do Solidale is working on the launch of a new platform that allows the nonprofit world to structurally increase private donations through a modern, transparent and efficient approach.

Ebios Futura S.r.l.

Ebios Futura is an innovative start-up that works in the field of Molecular Genetics. In fact, the company was founded to support, validate, patent and commercialize a test on fetal DNA. This test is commercially known as Prenataltest and is a non-invasive prenatal screening test on fetal DNA (N.I.P.T.) that, from the tenth week of gestation, evaualte the possible presence of aneuplodies in the child. The aim of Prenataltest is to make more and more accessible this type of test, in order to reduce the access in the first instance of invasive test that have a risk of miscarriage. Ebios Futura has also created a screening test for the oncologic field, the Lifetest Breast & Ovary, that detects the possible presence of mutations on BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which could predispose the appearance of a breast and ovary cancer. Both tests are based on Next Generation Sequencing techniques.

EOS - Startup Innovativa

EOS S.r.l. (Effective Optical Systems) develops an enabling technology and handling protocols for the characterization of suspensions in complex fluids for improving industrial processes via its patented innovative technology. This technology, called SPES (Single Particle Extinction & Scattering), allows an unprecedented characterization of complex suspensions by providing an effective method that solves some key limitations of the traditional technologies, especially in the fields of the drug delivery systems for the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic markets: calibration free, classification of materials and rejection of gas microbubbles. The instruments based on the SPES technology are suitable to be used as standalone device for complex suspension R&D as well as inline-online Quality Control devices, improving production, manufacturing processes and process controls, with immediate benefits in terms of economical/environmental sustainability. Hence our motto “We Power Your Powder”.


Impact Lab provides, through an international network, diagnostics services for the prediction, the prevention and the personalization of the medicine; the Laboratorio Analisi Mediche Martini, highly specialized in pathology and genetics,  is the italian operative unit.


A unique discovery engine based on natural products for bioactive compounds, particularly novel anti-infective agents.


Newlisi S.p.A. holds a unique patented technology named CSR (Chemical Sludge Reduction).His mission is to become the reference company in the excess sludge treatment, addressing what is currently one of the major concern of the wastewater treatment industry. Appling the CSR technology wastewater companies and consortia can highly improve their ecological footprint and reduce the disposing rising costs.
Newlisi's technology is the result of more than 8 years of research and field testing. The achieved results today allowed the construction of the first industrial test plant, actually in operation by one major Italian multi utility.
Newlisi has “360° Capital Partners”, one of the reference Venture Capital fund in Italy, as key partners and investor.


ProXentia provides innovative products and technologies to test and certify the safety within the production and supply chain of the food industry.
By exploiting a proprietary technology, ProXentia introduces an economic, portable and user-friendly system, that allows more effective, fast and reliable quality control procedures. 
The technology, protected by two international patents, enables the detection of biomolecules in water-based fluids, ranging from blood plasma to tears, from milk to wine, from plant extract to wastewater.

Tensive - Startup Innovativa

Tensive is a biomedical startup established to develop innovative prostheses aiming to offer a natural breast reconstruction or augmentation, improving the patients' quality of life.
Tensive's prostheses, not yet tested on humans, are based on synthetic resorbable biomaterials and fabricated with internal micro-channels.
This unique combination, obtained with a patented process, aims to promote the natural adipose tissue growth. During the regenerative process, Tensive's prosthesis is designed to be gradually degraded and replaced by adipose tissue.


Vetogene is a services company which research activities are focused on the genetic control aimed to preserve health and welfare of domestic animals. DNA analysis for parentage and genetic diseases control are supplied, specialized veterinary medical consulting is available for behavioral problem in dogs and cats. Supplied services are characterized by high technologic content oriented to supply high quality tools in animal health and welfare protection.

Soft Incubation
BrainControl - Startup Innovativa

BrainControl gives disabled people the ability to control objects with their thoughts. 3.7 million people suffer from severe communication and mobility disabilities due to ALS, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophies, stroke or spinal cord injury. Based on a proprietary Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology, BrainControl interprets the electric map that corresponds with certain brain activity and allows patients to control a communicator, domotic devices (lights, doors, windows, alarms, temperature, bed position, etc.), and other assistive technologies. BrainControl has been realized by LiquidWeb, an ICT startup company focusing on mobile and pervasive technologies applied to the areas of mobile health, smart environments and virtual workspaces.

IVTech - Startup Innovativa
IVTech  is a start-up originating from the University of Pisa. We design in vitro technologies for the development of physiologically  relevant  tissue models  and for the reduction and refinement of animal tests. All our devices permit in situ live -imaging and can be linked together  to simulate multi-organ systems.

Our mission is to bring advanced in-vitro technologies  into mainstream  cell culture practice  through the dissemination of   our products. IVTech also provides workshops and practical  training on the use of modular bioreactors and dynamic cell cultures.

Pedius - Startup Innovativa

Pedius is a communication system helping hearing impaired people to make normal phone calls, using voice recognition and speech synthesis technologies. Through our Mobile Application a user can start a call toward any desired phone number. By writing the first chat message, users seamlessly start a phone call, and an artificial voice reads messages to their destination. In real time the vocal answer is converted to text and sent to the user.

Smart Measurement Solutions - S.M.S. Srl - Startup Innovativa

Smart Measurement Solutions develops smart multisensor systems that meet the basic needs in the fields of active aging and well being, security and early warning systems for seismic and structural monitoring.


AISLA (Italian Association of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1983 and recognised by the Decree of 30 June 1999 by the Ministry of Health as the national certified point of reference for people suffering from ALS. Today the association has 57 local branches all over the country. AlS is an incurable neurodegenerative disease which leads to motor neuron premature death, causing a progressive weakening of voluntary muscles and lastly the patient's paralysis. AISLA aims to promote and finance scientific research and scolarships, to provide assistance and care to patients and their families, to organise training courses for care givers, medical and professional staff, to sensitize public awareness about ALS , also informing about new scientific perspectives/ scientific newnesses.


The Agency for Research on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – Established on november 2008, AriSLA it is now the first example of cooperation between scientific research centers and philanthropic associations, both in Italy and across Europe. The goal of AriSLA founding members – Fondazione Cariplo, Fondazione Telethon, Fondazione Vialli e Mauro per la Ricerca e lo Sport and AISLA (Italian Association on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) - is to make research investments on ALS more effective and to support translational research to foster a quick transfer of research outcomes into the clinical practice. The Agency promote and support those researches that could have a tangible effect on both patients affected by ALS and their families. In addition, AriSLA will promote the setting up of a wide network of Italian and foreign researchers and scientific staff, to pull together the best resources in the field of ALS.

Consorzio ItalBiotec

Consorzio Italbiotec is a non-profit organization founded in 1998. Research, Training and Business Development: this is the functional core of Consorzio Italbiotec, which has been promoting the biotechnology sector for over fifteen years through national and international collaborations among universities, research centres and private companies. The consortium comprises 8 Universities prestigious centers of scientific excellence and numerous associated companies.  Consorzio Italbiotec offers advanced fundraising and business development services, from the identification and assessment of financing opportunities to project management and company development support. Other activities promoted by the consortium include the planning of advanced training programmes in both a classroom and e-learning format, the coordination of strategic research,development and innovation projects and the supply of integrated services for organizations in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, chemical, agro-food, environmental and energy industries.

Famiglie SMA

Famiglie SMA is an association of parents of children affected by SMA; it has been founded in 2001 and currently has about 800 members nation-wide. Over the years it has become a main reference in Italy for all those involved, personally or professionally, in SMA. Family SMA has raised over 1.000.000 euros for:

  • financing research;
  • providing information support to the families;
  • enhancing rehabilitation and care.

Helab provides a diagnostic service in histology and cytology to veterinary practitioners. Helab offers a precise and comprehensive veterinary anatomic pathology service, which includes the diagnostic interpretation of cytological and histological samples, the drawing up of clear and exhaustive reports according to the international standards, and immunohistochemical and histochemical analysis when needed. Helab mission is to blend histopathological diagnosis with high end consulting services, aimed at establishing a tight collaboration with practitioners, for a quick diagnosis and a reliable prognosis.

ISC - International Stuttering Centre

ISC (International Stuttering Centre) is a centre for the treatment of people who stammer, operating in Italy and UK (London).

Overcoming disfluency is achieved through intensive courses that are founded on an innovative concept of therapy, whereby fluency is an “automatic” result of achieving a new body scheme and not of applying traditional mechanical techniques.

The vision behind ISC is to play a pivotal role in the understanding of the stuttering phenomenon, whose causes are still uncertain. Thanks to the support of Fondazione Fiarete, we are planning a research project involving renowned professionals in the neurological, phoniatric and motor fields.


KoLinPharma enters in the field of Nutraceutical and intends to carry out an innovative business project, based on scientific research, product innovation, respect for the environment and the enhancement of the personnel involved in this challenge. The company name is formed from the acronym KoL (Key Opinion Leader), which is bound by IN (together) to the word PHARMA (drug/substance).

They realize functional products, able to interact synergistically with the physiological functions of the body, promoting and stimulating natural biological reaction. Products based on natural ingredients that support allopathic treatment and health. They make constant search for quality certification from ISO 9001 to ISO 22000:2005 that represents the highest standard in food safety.

Kos Genetic

Kos Genetic provides a wide range of solutions, from basic research to high throughput genomic analyses of predictive and causative variants in complex diseases, and prototypal diagnostic tools for clinical practice. The working team is a group of expert researchers in biotechnologies, genetic epidemiology and animal genetic, supported by cutting-edge technology.
Kos Genetic's target markets are biotechnology and pharma companies, healthcare and academic/research centers, breeders consortiums and food manufacturers, to which the company offers its expertise in: genetic/genomic and post genomic analyses and services on complex human diseases, pharmacogenomic services for new drugs development, livestock genomic selection and database services to store, manage and query phenotypic and genotypic information for all animal and vegetable species.


Neuro-Zone s.r.l. mission is to support drug discovery programs by providing well controlled physiologically relevant primary cell models and a multiparametric cell-based assay platform in order to increase efficiency of lead optimization projects.
By combining over 15 years of basic research expertise in culturing physiologically relevant cell systems with innovative approaches in the fields of microengineering, microfluidics and advanced biocompatible materials, Neuro-Zone srl aims at becoming the reference company for both customized assistance to primary cell culturing activities and high profile lead optimization screening services.
Neuro-Zone s.r.l is the 2008 Winner of the Most Innovative and Creative Company in the Province of Milano and was ranked among the top 25 Most Innovative European Life Science SMEs at the 2009 Eurecan Venture Summit.

WISE - Startup Innovativa

WISE s.r.l. (Wiringless Implantable Stretchable Electronics) is a start-up company with the mission of fabricating and commercially exploiting electronic and MEMS devices on stretchable supports for application in the fields of biotechnology, biomedicine and sensors. The activity of WISE is focused on the exploitation of a proprietary technology, namely the Supersonic Cluster Beam Implantation (SCBI), for the metallization of polymers and elastomers. SCBI allows fabricating complex microelectronic circuits and interconnects on stretchable and conformable supports preserving the electrical performances of the devices after extensive cycles of stretching and bending of the substrates. The devices can be efficiently fabricated on biocompatible platforms, and therefore are suitable for the production of implantable biomedical devices, as for instance electrodes for neurostimulation.