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Technology Platforms

The technological core of Filarete Foundation consists of six enabling technology platforms managed by teams of scientists with highly recognized experience in cross-cutting research, technology innovation and transfer. By providing a tightly interconnected network of complementary expertise, the technology platforms are the medium where different scientific skills can be concentrated and combined to promote a dynamic, creative and constructive environment for the translation of basic research into innovation, start-ups and products for biotechnology, medicine, advanced materials and devices. The platforms provide scientific skills and technological solutions under in synergy with world-class academic research programs, fostering collaboration and strategic alliances with resident companies, start-ups, commercial tenants and financial ventures.

The Enabling Technology Platforms are:

Genomics and BioInformatics: The platform is able to characterize complex phenotypes in particular by providing the dissection of relevant phenotypes for human patology (for example hypertension or multiple sclerosis) in view of their potential clinical application (pharmacogenetics), and of relevant phenotypes for animal and plant genetic selection aimed at the improvement of the food products quality.

Proteomics: The main activities of the platform cover various aspects of the clinical and pharmaceutical fields such as research of new therapeutic agents and biomarkers for early diagnosis and monitoring of disease progression and antigens for the development of new vaccines, as well as applications in nutrition including the screening of new bioactive molecules, food control and identification of allergenic proteins.

Avdanced Biomaterials: The platform has skilled expertise for the synthesis, characterization and production of advanced materials for applications in the fields of cell and molecular biology, tissue engineering, cosmetics and agri-food.

Cellular Models: The Platform aims at the production, characterization and optimization of products for the biotech market and cell models for the development of drugs and innovative therapeutic solutions

Imaging: The platform uses technologies related to optical and electron microscopy to study the localization of molecules and their interaction within tissues, cells and subcellular structures. The platform also provides technical and bio-informatics support for the quantitative analysis of images.

MapLab The Mouse & Animal Pathology Lab (MAPLab): provides integrated high quality services in the fields of veterinary pathology and, in particular, for animals used in biomedical research. The staff includes three Veterinary Pathologists graduated at the European College of Veterinary Pathologists (ECVP)