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01/12/2014 12.24.49
Tensive won Premio Gaetano Marzotto

Milan, November 28, 2014 - Tensive, a company founded in the laboratories of Fondazione Filarete, won last night the "Premio Gaetano Marzotto".

The "Award for Enterprise", 300,000 euro in cash and a path of coaching in CUOA worth 25,000 euro, crowned Tensive "best innovative company with the capacity to generate significant positive impact in the social, territorial, cultural or environmental fields."

The four founders, Alessandro Tocchio, Federico Martello, Irini Gerges and Margherita Tamplenizza, worked under the scientific coordination of Dr. Cristina Lenardi, head of the laboratory of advanced biomaterials. The prosthesis developed by Tensive are composed of synthetic biodegradable biomaterials manufactured with micro internal channels that mimic the blood vessel system. The combination of these distinctive elements, obtained by a process patented by Filarete Foundation, aims to induce the natural growth of large volumes of fatty tissue. The prosthesis is also designed to degrade gradually over the course of the regeneration process and be replaced by adipose tissue of the patient himself.

Tensive, through the words of Alessandro Tocchio, would like to thank Filarete Foundation for the concrete support to the development of the project provided in recent years and the Association Project Marzotto for believing in the project. The award will allow Tensive to accelerate research and product development in order to come to market in the next four years.

The "Premio Gaetano Marzotto" counts the participation of 849 projects in 2014. The event, now in its fourth year, is one of the major awards for startups in Italy, with a total prize money of over one million Euros, and the involvement of many actors Italian innovation ecosystem.

Filarete Foundation was founded in 2008 on the initiative of the University of Milan, Fondazione Cariplo and Intesa Sanpaolo which has joined the Chamber of Commerce of Milan in the role of co-founder, with the aim of enhancing research within the Life Sciences. In this context, the objectives that the Foundation pursues are the transfer of knowledge and technology to companies through the activities of laboratories for applied research and support to the birth and growth of technology startups.