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18/11/2014 11.51.59
The fruitful collaboration of two Filarete's labs creates a top level publication

A join-venture of the Fondazione Filarete's Imaging and Advanced Biomaterials laboratories allow the researchers to published on top journal Scientific Reports the paper: "Customized patterned substrates for highly versatile correlative light-scanning electron microscopy" (Benedetti L.; Sogne E.; Rodighiero S.; Marchesi D.; Milani P.; Francolini M.).

Using the challenging technique of correlative light electron microscopy (CLEM) the researchers have been able to follow dynamic events in living cells at nanometre resolution. In particular, creating a customized patterned glass substrates, substantially improved the feasibility of correlative fluorescence/confocal and scanning electron microscopy.

Here the link to the scientific paper: