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21/06/2016 16.31.48
Silver security - Civic Crowdfunding

One year after Innovageing Solutions competition, sponsored by Punto Service in partnership with Filarete Foundation to enhance innovative technology in elderly care, we announce with pleasure an interesting development of open innovation.

Thanks to a partnership with technology partners who participated in the last edition of InnovAgeing, Punto Service designs a new service, the Silver Security, which obtained the support of the City of Milan as a project of social innovation to be promoted by civic crowdfunding co- funded by the municipality itself.

Silver Security answers the security needs of senior citizens who are self-sufficient, but are potentially fragile and live alone in their houses. It has been created also for their families who have to reconcile personal life and work with the presence for their loved relatives.

Silver Security is a remote noninvasive 24/7 service done by Punto Service with qualified operators that can proactively highlight the evolution of potentially dangerous situations such as falls or illness and proactively alerting the emergency contacts identified with the family. It requires no cameras or wear sensors or activate emergency buttons.

Silver Security is now a working prototype for a few pilot cases.

The crowdfunding campaign launched in Eppela website aims to raise awareness of the presence of this service and optimizes it with the help of the citizens conducting further testing installations.

To know more:

We invite everyone to share this exciting initiative and to get in touch with Punto Service in case you want to indicate older people who can benefit from the service to be accommodated in the free trial (