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31/05/2016 10.10.17
Tensive receives an investment of 500,000 Euros by Unicredit and Invitalia Ventures

A new milestone achieved for the biomedical startup Tensive, who received a second investment of 500,000 Euros. The investment has been provided by UniCredit Start Acceleration Lab program, promoted by UniCredit to support the development of innovative Italian startups, in partnership with Invitalia Ventures, SGR, created to accelerate the development of highly innovative enterprises, investing an amount of 250,000 Euros.

Tensive, founded in Milan as a spin-off of Filarete Foundation, is developing a prosthesis based on a synthetic and biodegradable biomaterial, with a micro porosity that replicate the architecture of the blood vessels. This technology aims to trigger the regeneration process of the adipose tissue, while the synthetic biomaterial implants deteriorates progressively. The product, not yet tested in humans, is in preclinical studies.

"We are delighted to be able to support, with this fifth investment in the equity, one of the more than 2,500 startups we met in three years and of the 150 accelerated with UniCredit Start Lab - said Gabriele Piccini, Country Chairman of UniCredit Italy. "To encourage innovation and accompany young entrepreneurs is for us an increasingly characterizing and distinctive sign."

This award confirms not only the high-tech and research content, but also the social innovation. In fact, "in the field of oncology, breast loss can have a very negative psychological impact for the patient. For this reason, the goal of Tensive is to return a natural breast to women who have undergone mastectomy or quadrantectomy and provide an effective and permanent solution to improve their quality of life." Says Gianfranco Bellezza, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Tensive.

"This investment in Tensive makes us particularly proud. The biomedical sector offers far-reaching innovations and represents a successful example of economic exploitation of research and scientific knowledge. Tensive is a startup that summarizes and reiterates the important aspect of the mission of Invitalia Ventures, to support a company with a high social, medical and health impact" said Salvo Mizzi, CEO of Invitalia Ventures

The investment received will enable a further growth of Tensive, to continue the product development, the aim of which is to overcome the most common treatment in rebuilding or in raising the breast - that is, the silicone implants - which does not rebuild adipose tissue but replaces it, and does not constitute a definitive solution for necessity of periodic surgeries.

"We are delighted for the new milestone reached by our company. This important round of funding allows us to accelerate the development of our innovative product." Noted Alberto Cantaluppi, President of Tensive.

The Tensive team consists of doctors, managers, chemical and biomedical researchers, as well as by experienced figures in financial and regulatory management, is supported by an Advisory Board of excellence and has received important awards such as Premio Gaetano Marzotto, Intel Global Challenge, 360 Capital Partners, Unicredit Start Lab.