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25/02/2016 12.07.18
Series of meetings: "The Italian legislation and its practical applications as an opportunity for startups and their partners"

The Italian legislation and its practical applications as opportunities for startups and their partners

Italia Startup promotes - together with 11 Professional Studies and 8 Incubators associated - a first cycle of training sessions and information that, starting from the main aspects of Italian legislation and what happens on the market in terms of practical applications, will provide an update on Italian law dedicated to innovative startups, with practical advice on how to operate, starting from what happens every day on the market.

The 8 scheduled meetings from February to June 2016 will take place in many incubators / accelerators associated, based in Milan, according to the timetable set out below. The time of each event is from 18 to 19.30 and includes an hour of discussion of the topic and discussion with those present half an hour.


TAG Milano - February 23

Turn the idea into startup: Choosing the type of company, contract and the Companies Register
with Giovannella Condò (Studio Milano Notai)


PoliHub - March 16

How to protect the trademark and domain (intellectual property)
with Francesca Ferrero and Sasha Picciolo (Studio Trevisan & Cuonzo)


Boox - April 14

Work for equity and labor law issues
with Pietro Ungari, Aldo Bellet, Marco Antonini (Studio ABCF) and Milena Prisco (Studio Previti)


Make a Cube - May 5

Benefits and tax aspects for innovative startups and their partners
with Roberta Dell'Apa (Studio Dell'Apa Zonca)

Impact Hub Milan - May 19

Models of capital raising
with Giovanni Cucchiarato (Studio Jenny) and Andrea Messuti (Studio LCA)


Speed Mi Up - May 31

Internationalization of Italian startups
with Valentina Casella (Studio Casella) and Cecilia Gozzoli (Studio Gozzoli )


TIM # WCAP - June 16

Finance and grants
with Giorgio Di Stefano (Studio Di Stefano Associati )


Fondazione Filarete - June 30

Exit Strategies

with Francesco Epifani and Gentile Nicolino (Studio BLB)